It's A...

We all walked into the midwife's office today, all six of us together.  
All of us bursting to find out whether baby Quinn was a boy or girl, the kids even more than us!
We all made our final guesses and the majority of us were completely wrong!
The ultrasound of our thriving, kicking, thumb sucking baby was unmistakingly all BOY!
We were immediately elated and in love with our newest testosterone bundle to join this crazy household!
In my excitement I came up with this awesome idea to get blue silly string and let the kids go at it for a fun gender reveal photo shoot for family and friends. 
What I did not count on was two of the cans malfunctioning leaving large blue liquid stains on white dress shirts, or the discovery of Madison's profound fear of silly string being ejected. 
The first several frames are of her bursting in tears and running away from the blue string fight as fast as she could. 
Once some of her brothers convinced her to hold an empty can that "can't spray you anymore" she clutched it tightly and stood guarded between her brothers warily for the rest of my crazy photo shoot. :)
We cannot express how blessed we feel God chose us to be the Dad and Mom for this new little man, and that He chose our family as the perfect fit for him! Being able to glimpse into his being knit in secret today was a gift for all of us and we can't wait to hold him in our arms! 
Baby Boy Clark coming February 2017! 


  1. So excited for your growing family! Such a blessing!

    1. Congrats Clark family for your new little boy! Congrats to gramma and Grandpa too! Tami Sanchez


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