20 Weeks

                                       How Far Along: 20 weeks- halfway! (I missed a few weeks; travel, sickness, holidays, forgetfulness, pick your excuse)
Size of Baby: About 10 inches head to heel, the size of a banana
Gender: We find out in two days!!!! I'm so excited ya'll!
Maternity Clothes: I wore my first maternity dress to the ballet in NYC this past weekend. I wanted to be comfy while sitting there all dressed up and it was good choice since baby is now really growing.
Movement: Starting to learn baby's personality a bit. Where as Harrison and Wilson were non-stop rock and rollers 24/7, this baby is following Jefferson's movements. Baby is laid back and quiet but will party after exercise and sugar or to protest seat belts and a brother in my lap. 
Cravings: Not too many cravings right now, but fruit mainly, love it! I'm starting to get to that point in pregnancy where my appetite starts slacking off and I really have to force myself to eat normally. But since it's Christmas and that means lots of baking and treats I'm not too worried about weight gain :)
Symptoms: We walked just short of 20 miles in 48 hours around NYC this past weekend. I definitely wasn't wearing proper footwear for that kind of distance especially with growing baby and my body let me know it! 
Best Moment of the Week: Celebrating our ten year anniversary in NYC was a very special and wonderful time! We took this week's belly shot at the top of the Empire State Building which is why I'm covered head to toe in every effort to not get hypothermia (I'm a sissy in the cold). But believe me, under the heavy coat and scarf is a definite baby bump...finally! :)
And for memory lane fun, here are the boys at their halfway points:


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