19 Weeks With Baby Quinn

How Far Along: 19 weeks (I'm a week behind, but what's new ;)
Size of Baby: 6", about the size of a large mango
Gender: We find out this week!
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, mainly thanks to tunic tops being in style, yay!
Movement: I'm feeling more and more movement and the kicks are getting stronger every day, but this little baby definitely has a calmer temperament and seems content to just cuddle up to the relaxing sounds of his crazy siblings. Baby Quinn (short for Quincy which is what my family has affectionally and officially named this baby,) will have a built in white noise machine with this family! 
Cravings: I'm gonna say turkey sandwiches and fruit but just pretend you read something different like ice cream and steak to give yourself a break from reading the same thing every week. 
Symptoms: Not too much of anything, though I did experience some of my first run-ins with real heartburn and I haven't really dealt with that before. It was after a sip of water! 
Best Moment of the Week: Matt got to feel Quinn kick for the first time this week which is always a favorite moment when Daddy gets to start connection with the new baby :)

Jefferson at 19 Weeks
Harrison at 19 Weeks


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