22 Weeks with Baby Quinn

How Far Along: 22 weeks, I know I missed a week, but I was a little busy in the Bahamas! :)
Size of Baby: 11", about the size of a spaghetti squash. According to BabyCenter baby should also be close to 1lb and I'm just nervously laughing at our guy's 20oz. weight two weeks ago! 
Gender: BOY! We don't have the official name yet, but we are narrowing it down and have some close contenders ;)
Maternity Clothes:I wore my first maternity dress to our fancy dinner on board our cruise last week. It was all about comfort when you've got to be in high heels, act polite, and still eat a meal in front of strangers. 
Movement: This guy is still pretty laid back and doesn't get too active. When he does want to move around they are some pretty strong movements you can see through my shirt so I definitely agree with the ultrasound measurement of him being a bigger guy, I'm feeling it. 
Cravings: Still like my turkey sandwiches and thankful for the grille on board last week that offered 18 hours a day of endless turkey sandwiches anytime I asked :) 
Symptoms: Not really a pregnancy symptom, just a side effect. I learned firsthand all about seasickness last week and got to sport some very fashionable seaband jewelry and stay buzzed on dramamine. :p 
Best Moment of the Week: Our Babymoon was an incredible and blessed week away together as just Matt and I! We had so much fun exploring Key West and laying on tropical beaches in the Bahamas. It was incredible and we truly enjoyed every moment of this much needed time away together :) 

And because I couldn't decided which incredible beach belly shot to use I chose them both because I will never get tired of remembering the colors of blue I saw last week in that gorgeous water!


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