I'm spontaneous and completely free-spirited.
I married a steady, constant rock...also, he is completely not spontaneous.
And this match is perfectly perfect or else we'd be hitchhiking to Cancun with 3 kids next weekend for the fun of it.
He's the tether God designed just for me to make sure I don't get blown out to sea due to my feet-off-the-ground mentality.
But Matt's really good at recognizing when I get an itch for a last minute thrill and bending a bit in the flexibility department.
Plus he knows that if my need for adventure isn't met I'll find some project to begin that I am in no way qualified to attempt...
...for example, recent attempts have included axle boot replacement and bathroom remodeling.
So when I woke up last weekend with a wild idea to go somewhere last minute for the fun of it, Matt graciously agreed in fear of otherwise backpacking the Appalachian Trail later.
Of course with 3 little guys it's not exactly just jumping in the car and going, but nothing fruit snacks and extra diapers held up too much as we headed for Udvar-Hazy.
It's an Air and Space playground and since Harrison's birthday was all things 'fighter jet' it happened to also meet his adventure need.
Wils was thoroughly unimpressed but we'll keep trying. If he's anything like his big brothers a place like this will be his dreamland one day...
I mean, what can I say? Jets just do something to these boys...I have no words.
Our spontaneous adventure was filled with space shuttles, rockets, bombers, and observation towers...not too bad for a last minute, rainy day thrill.
But it's been over a week since our day of last minute and the warmer weather is starting to pull at my adventure heartstrings.
Thankfully, God gave me three adventure loving boys, so we've got 5 miles of hiking, 3 lakes, and 3 playgrounds under our belts so far this week...oh the adventures ahead :)


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