Lillies of The Field

When it comes to describing my guys, delicate white flowers are the last things to cross my mind.
Correction: when it comes to describing my guys, fragile, flowery anything, NEVER crosses my mind.
I'm thinking more oak, sequoia, kudzu. But regardless of vegetative comparisons, their Heavenly Father still clothes them their own Angry Birds, bow tied, Spider Man, splendor.
I don't have to look very far in this house to be overwhelmed at the overflow of God's provision for these unnaturally fast hem shrinkers.
Like any Mom and any kid, we've got our favorites and wish lists for shirts and shoes, styles, and needs. And God knows and cares about each one, which you'd think I'd know by now. But yet every turn of the season when I lug out the rubbermaid containers packed with treasured Braves t-shirts, and NIKE shorts it blows me away all over again. 
Clothing three little guys is no financial drop in the bucket. But praying over the need, and more importantly, not stressing (read: not worrying) about the need, and trusting God to clothe these "California Redwoods of the field" has lead to a "knock our socks off" amazing provision provided by the Ultimate Clothier.
Through consignment sales, hand-me-downs, birthday presents, yard sales, "just because" gifts, coupons, and outlets each of these little guys has never been without. Church clothes, bummy clothes, paint-in clothes, mud puddle clothes, dress up a little clothes, wrestle a brother clothes, beach clothes, and hiking clothes have all been provided.
So why was I in awe when 2 bags showed up the other night with pairs of pants in the exact size Harrison needed, shoes, the coveted light-up shoes, in the perfect and needed sizes, and shirts with beloved superheroes plastered across the front?
Because no matter how many Iron Man t-shirts show up in this "field", my awe will always be there. The kind of awe you get every Christmas and birthday no matter how many you've had. The kind that matches my little guys' faces when they see that new Iron Man t-shirt.The kind that will never forget it's God who provides every single need and leaves no closet empty for worry.


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