Home Away From Home?

Notes for future days on the farm:
#1:Remind boys regardless of what Disney says, animals cannot sing, choreograph dances, or carry on a conversation about favorite foods.
#2: Establish which side of the fence are for animals and which side are for people and that's the way it stays.
#3: It's best to not make up the names of animals in order to impress girls.
#4: Cow pies are not free modeling clay.
#5: Setting the animals free isn't considered heroic amongst the farming community.
#6: Informing the animals which cut of meat they taste best as or which preparation method makes them tastiest is not proper farm etiquette.
#7: Farm and boys really compliment each other well; both are dirty, loud, carry various smells, and need constant supervision.

#8: For boys who already act like they were raised in a barn, trips to a farm just feel like home :)


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