One Year Wils

My dear sweet handsome Wils,
Today marks an incredible 365 of knowing your sweet little face, your contagious grin, your soft little fingers, and your mischievous curiosity.
A year ago I walked into the hospital and 20 minutes later you were tucked inside my arms. I blinked and you were here. Today I woke up to my toddler wrapped inside my arms. I blinked and you are growing up.
You're such a happy, laid back, gentle little man. You go with the flow, you smile at everyone, you know no strangers, and you eat anything you can fit in your mouth.
The baby clothes have been packed away and your dresser is full of 18-24 month grown up shirts and pants. Baby toys are hardly touched as you chase after your brothers' cars, jets, soldier guys, and swords. 
You've decided to hold out on walking, but I'm pretty positive this is intentional since you smirk as you collapse to the ground. I wouldn't be surprised if you just stood up and ran to tackle a brother any day.
And while you are easy going, you aren't a pushover and you'll vocalize any disagreements you have with the current chain of events. We are currently working on not throwing food off your plate when you are finished eating, not growling at Mommy when you aren't a fan of my saying, "no", and not head diving off the stairs.
We've found you eating grass, playing in toilets, hiding in cabinets, raiding the fridge, rearranging closets, and dialing phones. We've got our hearts full, our love captured, and memories rich. We are so proud of the man you are growing into! Happy one year birthday Wilson Tyler! Grow in wisdom, stature, and favor, with God and man.


  1. So thankful for him and his first year! Love the pics!


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