This Guy

This guy loves airplanes, race cars, slam dunking a basketball, and pretending to fall down.This guy would live outdoors if I let him, would prefer to not have to wear clothes, and lives to see if he can be more sneaky today than he was yesterday. This guy loves dogs.
This guys loves pb&j, gold fish crackers, cheese, and peas. This guy has to have ice in his water, toy soldiers at bath time, and a baseball cap close at hand. This guys loves to climb...anything. This guy loves music and loves to sing. This guy loves slapstick humor. This guy prefers to have a pistol in his holster at all times. This guy loves Veggie Tales.
This guy can make a mess faster than Thing 1 and Thing 2. This guy loves mulch, dirt, mud, and any other outdoor messiness. This guy loves blackberries, strawberries, chocolate, and mustard, not mixed together, just rubbed into his clothing to create the ultimate stain palette. This guy wants to "go" all the time. This guy loves to hold my hand.
This guy will talk your ears off, but clams up around strangers. This guy loves to tackle, wrestle, play catch, and throw anything that resembles a ball or frisbee- which means dishes, decorations, and other non sports items have been added to our casualty list. This guy wants to be just like Harrison, this guy wants to be just like Matt. This guy is going to be a big brother soon. This guy is growing up so fast!


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