New House Personality

New houses come with no shortage of adjustment and finding the best way to settle furniture, clothes, dishes, and toys. They have new sounds and creaks to get used too.
New appliances to learn how to operate, new spaces to explore, and if you are a little guy, a ton of "newness to figure out!"
One of our first days here as we were all getting used to where everything was, Harrison wasn't quite familiar with the layout, "Quick Mom! I have to go potty! Which way is it?"
We also got the boys bunk beds in their new shared room. This in itself is a whole world of firsts for both boys and we were kinda nervous as to how it would go- we were thinking broken bones, sleep deprivation from all-nighters, revolting the loss of crib, etc.
While we have had no serious issues and they both stay put all night and do amazing, Harrison never ceases to put our concerns to rest with his nightly questions of, "So I guess I still shouldn't jump off from up here huh?"
And the laundry chute is an amazing invention as it has some magical ability to prompt children to help with laundry. Both boys scramble to collect any and every item of laundry to be able to stuff it down the chute. No clothing item is safe from these "dirty clothes slide" fiends.
Jefferson has found his own new house entertainment with all the floor vents. He thinks it's a ton of fun to stuff Lego's, pieces of hotdog, play-doh, and juice box straws down the inviting crevices.
You'd think there would be enough newness to last quite awhile, but Harrison is ready to bring it on. "Mom, we are now in Virginia, at our new house and you said Wilson would come after that. Why isn't he coming out yet? Let's have him now!"


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