Playing With Food

We are never ones to pass up an opportunity to celebrate. Any occasion to indulge in baked goods, escape the mundane, and make the little things extra special, you'll find us doing it.
Half birthdays, daylight savings, the NFL draft all become holidays celebrated in some special way. Life is too breakneck paced to not make the most of every single day and fill it full of excitement and fun.
So years ago, before boys and late nights in the office, before school loans and a sippy cups, Matt instituted birthday month...and I'm so glad he did! We take the whole month to find little ways to bless and surprise the birthday honoree.
So Harrison has been enjoying his days of "special treats"...picking a favorite movie to watch, wearing an outfit of choice, and recently, choosing a snack we wouldn't have bought otherwise - neon blue fruit by the foot.
To say they had fun playing with their food would be an understatement. These guys had every exposed body part covered in blue sticky slime by the time the 3 feet of high fructose corn syrup was consumed. But it sure made for some happy guys, and a very excited birthday boy as he enjoys each "special treat" counting down until his birthday!


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