Not For Eating

In this household, cookie dough is a perfectly acceptable product for consumption.
Well, cookie dough, brownie and cake batter, and pretty much any kind of uncooked baked good. Oh, we eat them baked too, but we put a hurting on the final count of finished cookies.
So how do you explain brightly colored, soft, moldable dough to boys that have frequently been given a lump of sugar cookie dough to decorate, manipulate, taste, and given the option to bake?
I mean, Play-doh comes with cookie cutters, made with inviting colors, and tempts every little taste bud under the age of five to just try a little.
Jeff was rather devastated I didn't bring out the basket of sprinkles and gel icing, but I think after a bite of the salty play-doh he decided to give up his snacking.
It didn't take long for them to get over their cookie dough disappointment though as they blew my pretend pizza away with their exploding play-doh war heads and monster eating alligators.


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