Spring Said "Gottcha!"

Harrison has really taken an interest to the changing of seasons and the weather that comes with them. Maybe it's because he's a summer-bug like me, but he had been counting down the days until Spring. He knows this season brings longer days, warmer sunny weather, leaves on trees again, and most importantly, ushers in our favorite season of all, Summer!
So when we were teased with a few days of warm sunshine last week, the boys rushed into it headlong and never looked back at their winter coats. We spent hours outside exploring, playing in mud, collecting rocks, and anticipating the warmer days to come.
But when the official first day of Spring rolled around with snow flurries and we've been quick to bundle up in layers before heading out the door, Harrison has been rather dissapointed with Spring. After this particularly chilly morning of running errands, Harrison sighed as he noticed he could still see his breath. "Mom, you know what I think? I think Spring is just joking us!"


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