He Is Risen 2013

This Easter I don't want to forget Harrison's sincere questions about Jesus' death and resurrection. I don't want to forget his concern and grieving over the pain and suffering Jesus endured. I don't want to forget his sadness as we discussed Jesus being buried in the tomb. I don't want to forget his visible joy over Easter morning and the empty grave. I don't want to forget his excitement of proclaiming that Jesus did not stay dead because He is powerful enough to beat death!
I don't want to forget both boys happily greeting each other, us, and every other person on the street Easter Sunday, "He is risen!" and waiting eagerly for the response of, "He is risen indeed!" I don't want to forget Jefferson singing "Low in the grave" and popping up excitedly to shout, "He arose!". I don't want to let a day go by where we don't celebrate the life we have because of the day we celebrate on Easter Sunday. As Harrison said it best, "We don't have to wait until Sunday to celebrate Easter, you can celebrate it anytime by just remembering what Jesus did. So that's what I'm doing right now, celebrating Easter cuz I'm thinking about Jesus dying for me and not staying dead!"


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