Welcome Home

We were moving in a matter of days, out of state, hundreds of miles...and we had no place to move to. We should have been freaking out, we should have been anxious. But let me just say that when you pray and ask for God's guidance and peace...He will give it. God directed our steps towards this house, towards putting an offer on this house, towards leaving for Tennessee without knowing if we had gotten a house, towards resting in His perfect peace that all is in His hands.
And just this afternoon we got the call we've been praying and waiting for..."Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Clark on your new home!" This is our Virginia home, the one we've prayed for, longed for, and dreamed of for years. To God we give all thanksgiving for our home...the very one He has prepared for us! May He be glorified in ever moment in this home, may He bless those who enter and may He provide opportunities to further His kingdom as we become stewards of this blessing He has granted.


  1. Congratulations! Thrilled for each in the Clark family! God is good!


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