Goodbye Tennessee

Our drive from Tennessee was nothing less than an most road trips in this family are.It began with all of us oversleeping in the hotel and almost missing breakfast. I guess two very sad, but very cute little boys and a pregnant momma helped us grab a few cold waffles and some yogurt before they took it away.
Then it was necessary for our sleep deprived caravan to make a Starbucks stop. We were serenaded by a musical barista and the boys received free cake pops after laying on some thick charm. Not too far down the highway we ran into a parking lot on I-40 due to a tractor trailer tipping and tossing its entire load of scallions all over the highway.
We may have hollered and screamed in pure joy as we crossed over the Virginia state line for the last time and we may have not gotten the boys settled into bed until almost midnight. We may have eaten way too much fast food, consumed way too much caffeine, and we may have been running on sheer ecstatic adrenalin, but we made it home, and every adventurous mile was totally worth it.


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