Moving Day

It must be kinda traumatic to watch your favorite toys being shoved into dark boxes, taped down, wheeled out by strangers, and loaded into a loud rumbling semi.
Harrison has been through this before so I don't know if he was going off memory or just being older and taking on the role of big bro, but he sure did a great job helping Jeff learn the ropes of the packing and moving process.
But even with the overly detailed step by step explanation from Harrison, Jeff spent a better part of the day yelling at the movers, "No! No! No!"
Between protesting boxes being loaded up and picnicking on the kitchen floor we watched every Pixar movie in existence and used every creative outlet to distract the boys from noticing their sleep deprivation. 
After a super long day of watching our lives being loaded onto the truck we cleaned the empty house one more time and closed the door on Tennessee. Our friends and memories from our time here are treasures we won't ever part with, but every single one of us was so excited to pull away that night and start the trip home!


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