Capitol Hill-arity

There is no way I can begin to use words to describe the feelings we have being back home. Our hearts are bursting with that blessed comfort of being surrounded with family and familiarity.
We took to the streets of our beloved city this past weekend and "explored" as Harrison likes to say. We definitely have some very excited little guys to be back here.
And in the excitement of exploring and taking in their new surroundings there has been no shortage of hilarity coming out of little mouths and minds.
When we went to the Lincoln Memorial Harrison was so excited because a part of his favorite Transformers movie takes place there. But after walking in and looking all around he came to the realization, "Oh man, I guess Megatron isn't here any more."
Harrison also seemed dissapointed after viewing the White House, "This isn't what it looks like at the beach!" Then we realized he thought we were going to be seeing a light house.
"Oh My millions! It's the soldier guy castle!" aka the Pentagon, "Oh wow! A huge pool for us!" aka the Reflecting Pool, "Can we go swimming in there when it gets hot?"-referring to the Potomac.
And in a city of segways, mounted police, talking crosswalk timers, millions of people coming and going, metros, and protestors, there was enough to keep Jeff with eyes wide open. 
To say we're thrilled to be here is an understatement, but our hearts are full, our joy is in Christ, and with thanksgiving we praise Him for bringing us home!


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