Going Home

By the time you read this post our boxes and lives from here in Tennessee will have been loaded inside a moving truck and will be headed East...towards home. Every single one of us is giddy with joy!
We can hardly believe this day is finally here, the day we surrendered to God and found true contentment even if this day had never come. But it is really here and we are going home! So our excited caravan is headed East now and we eagerly anticipate what's ahead. Virginia...we're coming home!


  1. So thankful for the time that God had you there. I know your lives were richly blessed by amazing friends that have made an impact on your lives & ours as we watched them minister to you all! But I am so very excited that the Father is bringing y'all home! Praise Him! I can't wait to be more a part of your lives! I love you! Mom


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