29 Weeks

Pregnancy This Week
(I purposely subjected myself to another sun-in-the-eyes picture since this is possibly the last belly shot at this house and I wanted to do it in the same place:) 
How Far Along: 29 Weeks
Size of Baby: About 2 1/2lbs and over 15 inches long - definitely getting bigger!
Gender: Boy - Wilson Tyler!
Weight Gain: I'm going to say about 10lbs total...the doctor says it's 6lbs, but I think with their messed up scales and my taking my own weight at home it's closer to 10.
Maternity Clothes: I've pulled out all my maternity tops now which are way more comfy and longer than regular tops.
Movement: He is a night time party animal, saving all his roundhouse kicks for about the time I get comfortable in bed. He still loves pounding his brother's backs and heads as they try to cuddle with me and does his best to interject his say when the boys and Matt are wrestling or sharing some crazy tale.
Cravings: I'm back to enjoying my nightly bowl of sherbet ice cream as I have done with each pregnancy so far. Junk cereal and sandwiches also still top the list for me. All about nutrition here folks:)
Symptoms: Matt and I were talking about how blessed we have been this pregnancy. With zero complications and hardly any symptoms this time around has been just what we've needed during all this transition! We thank God for such a healthy and smooth pregnancy with Wilson!
Best Moment of the Week: Finding our Virginia home! We are now able to picture our home where we will bring Wilson home to and begin life with our three little men!


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