Snow Just Like Charlie Brown!

Since Harrison's favorite Christmas movie to watch this past year was Charlie Brown's Christmas, it was viewed over and over and over.
Though we all love this beloved classic, after the 135th time we were kinda maxed out on Snoopy...everyone but Harrison.
And it was from "Charlie Brownie" (as he calls him) that he got into his head that Christmas meant snow. It can't possibly be really Christmas until the ground is covered in white.
He had made a whole list of snowy fun he wanted to have like Snoopy did. He wanted to make snow angels, go sledding, make a snowman, and have a snowball fight.
He wanted to swing in the snow and fall off his bike and land in the snow...boys:) Well we got our "snow day", all 1/2 inch of the white stuff, but you would have thought it was 3 feet with the way the boys attacked it!
We made Harrison's "Charlie Brownie" snow dreams come true complete with angels, fights, and sledding with cardboard boxes - cardboard isn't just for packing:)
The boys ate their fill of frozen packed flakes and rolled and tumbled until little noses were red and fingers became painful in their sopping wet gloves.
We had to drag them in to warm up as the sun quickly melted away the morning's white fun, but all of us were so thankful for our snow day and a break from the packing.
Especially Harrison who officially declared that now, it was finally just like Snoopy's Christmas!


  1. Love this! The year Abram was three at Christmas, he was insistent that Christmas meant snow. Wouldn't you know, we got snow on Dec. 26. He was quick to tell us, "See! I told you it is supposed to snow at Christmas!" We didn't have any snow last winter, and so far this year, we had a mild ice storm. It was enough to go sledding in, but Thad really wants to build a snowman. Praying the move goes smoothly! Love to each of you!


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