Table Talk

What's normal breakfast conversation in a house of preschoolers and toddlers? I don't know since I certainly don't have the normal three year old. Did we discuss cartoons, race cars, super heroes, or even sports? Nope.
After taking a few bites of bacon and eggs Harrison, who's going on 18, commented about the rising gas prices. "So Daddy, gas prices are going back up, huh?" Matt and I both looked at each other than to our very serious little man.
"Why yes they are Harrison." "Uh-huh, they were going down, but now they are going back up. What changes the price like that?" Now I ask you, do you know any preschool child currently not in an early placement economics course or a Future Oilers of America program who would even care to know why, much less observe, the rise and fall of gas prices?
So Matt did what any parent does who has a budding oil futures predictor for a child and grabbed the chalk board and proceeded to draw the Middle East and Persian Gulf and laid out the conflict taking place with Iran threatening to close the passage of oil through the Straight of Hormuz.
Harrison nodded and retained every word. Afterwards he neatly cleared his plate while stating "Well, they should just go around another way. You should tell them to do that Dad. Then gas prices can go back down." Matt and I just looked at each other as left the room amused at his sincerity and desire to learn. And that's when I realized, with a son just like his father, this probably will be the kind of normal table talk at meals around here.


  1. Where those pictures taken in California? It looks like LA's Union Terminal...


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