Phone Manners

There's a lot of things you have to teach babies. They don't come out knowing much. You teach them how to sleep, eat, talk, walk, and not throw food.
But then there are just some built-in and per-programmed skills babies need no help in learning.
They are born knowing they should be awake when mom is sleeping, they should turn on the water works if mom should try to take a showers, and my favorite...
...whenever mom is on the phone? It's a free-for-all. That's right, a cell ringtone is like a baby's signal to mess, destroy, eat, dissapear, etc.
If you know me, you know I am so not a phone person. I get some weird phone stage fright thing, but that's a whole other issue. I have to get over that occasionally because there's people like insurance and medical offices I have to call.
And the second I've passed that initial "Hello," the boys are off and I finish up a boring and fruitless call with an insurance agent to discover empty cracker boxes, ink on legs and arms, and an entire pack of gum reduced to wrappers.
Some things are just innate and need no teaching, but I think Jeff may have learned from this phone-capade that an entire pack of gum may not settle too well.


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