We pulled into our carport the other day and noticed our gate was swinging open. I assumed the wind had unlatched it, but Harrison was very concerned that it was not closed as it should be.
My little man immediately jumped into protector mode and asked for the house keys. He said he would go inside to check it out. "Mommy, you wait here with Jeff, I'm going to make sure there's no bad guys in there."
My little man proceeded to unlock the door and go inside checking every room downstairs before informing me I could come in, but to stay downstairs while he went upstairs to check that out for bad guys.
After a few minutes he hollered down that there were no bad guys in the house and it was safe for me and Jeff. I have to be honest, in that moment I felt so blessed and blown away by my young brave son who was concerned about our safety and wanted to protect me. I sure do love this little protector who is quickly growing into quite the man.


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