Happy Birthday Jefferson!

Today you are 12 months old! It seems overnight you have grown into our big boy. Last year this time I was snuggling your tiny little body and now I'm chasing you around. You are such a little character! You have so much personality in your one-year-old self.
You are about 22lbs, in size 12-18mos clothes, and size 2-3 shoe. You crawl faster than most people walk and can climb the stairs faster than I know you are doing it. You say dad, hot dog, hi, bye, one, two, three, ball, no sir, and uh-huh all the time. You love playing catch, blocks, and cars. You love being outside more than any other place and your new hangout is the pool.Though you aren't yet walking, you cruise around everywhere and are starting to stand pretty well all on your own.
You are brokenhearted if we have to be stern with you and you hide your face if we tell you "no". You smile and hug a lot and love to be cuddled close. You love reading books and singing and clapping. You eat anything edible and a lot of it! You've recently discovered chocolate. Lately you are really into blueberries, cherries, watermelon, oatmeal, smoothies, cheddar bunnies, graham crackers, hot dogs, and corn on the cob. You have also become quite the Chipotle fan...spicy does not stop you!
You have made each of the past 366(leap year) days so rich, full, precious, and adventurous. I'm glad you won't remember some days, like the first time I went grocery shopping with 2 kiddos, or when I forgot diapers and wipes on a day out. But you've learned with me and our family is perfect with you. We are so blessed to be given the gift of you. Happy Birthday to you, Jefferson Lee!


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