Surf's Up

 We were so blessed to be able to go home to celebrate Jeff's first birthday with our families and friends. Playing off our love of all things coastal and Jeff's love of water and fish we went all out surf party.
 Thanks to my family's creativity we transformed a kitchen into a beach party. Homemade ocean waves table runner, beach milepost signs, surf board ocean cake, lifeguard stand, and the show stopping watermelon shark we nicknamed Bruce.
Since we had celebrated Jeff's actual birthday a few weeks ago, he was a pro at unwrapping presents and he wasted no time tearing into them. It wasn't until after he had thoroughly shredded all the tissue and paper that he noticed the gifts themselves.
But the highlight of birthdays to us is the cake and Jefferson did not let us down. After enjoying his birthday song serenade way too much he tore into the blue sweet stuff and covered every inch of his body. We had such a wonderful time celebrating surf style and we couldn't be more blessed than to have this amazing one year old! We love you Jeff!


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