Under The Sea

While in Atlanta we took the opportunity to explore the world's largest aquarium. The moment you walk in it was an overload of all things under, beside, and on top of the sea. Harrison quickly bonded with hammerheads, sting rays, penguins, and beluga whales. This is the only aquarium in the country to serve as home to giant manta rays and 4 whale sharks!
We thought this aquarium trip would be more for Harrison's enjoyment, but Matt and I quickly found ourselves caught up in gaping at the gentle giants swimming above our heads and enjoying exploring animals we have never seen in person before.
We found Nemo at a Pacific reef exhibit, touched hammerhead sharks, played with penguins, and sat mesmerized before a theater sized window as we watched the whale sharks.
These trips have been an incredible opportunity to continue to instill in Harrison the diversity and wonder of God's creation. We talk about what day God made the fish on and how he designed them to survive underwater.
One day when the tour guide launches into his "Millions of years ago..." speech I look forward to seeing Harrison refute that with a sure knowledge and foundation of God's Intelligent Design. And in the meantime it sure is fun to explore what God made and enjoy learning right alongside our wide eyed little guy.


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