33 Weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 33 Weeks
Size of Baby: About 17" head to toe-though Harrison was only 18" when he was born, so I wonder if Jefferson will be the same or taller and how much more he will grow in length before birth.

Weight Gain/Loss: Still at 12lbs total. The doctor said because I am so active that I am keeping off a lot of the water weight that happens around this point in pregnancy that can cause swelling and such.
Gender: Boy! Jefferson Lee
Movement: This little man is getting more and more squished so his movements are more long stretches and rolls. He is head down, but facing sideways. Harrison was the same way so I am praying he turnss around in the next few weeks.
Maternity Clothes: Still a mix of tops and dresses and maternity shorts and capris.
Cravings: Not really a ton of cravings since I don't really have an appetite. When I am hungry I want something cool and light like fresh fruit of any kind or frozen yogurt.

Symptoms: Let's just say I know where every restroom is in most stores withing a 20 mile radius.
Best Moment of The Week: Even though his isn't born yet, it is still fun to include Jefferson in our family outings. So I had a blast going to the Braves games with all three of my boys!

Harrison with South American penguins at the Atlanta aquarium. They grow to 16"-18", about the length of Jefferson.


  1. Oh mi Poco!!! Estamos esperando por te vienes! No puedo a conocerte! Te AMO mucho Muchachito!


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