Little Monkey

Ever since Harrison could stand he has never been content to stay on ground level. It's like babies are programed to climb. Why keep your feet on the ground when they can be on chairs, tables, couches, cabinets, and counters? What I find somewhat alarming and amusing is that these climbing enthusiasts have no fear or respect of gravity. They only want to keep going up and have no thought about what happens if they were to tumble from their perch.
Harrison is now well acquainted with gravity, having met on several occasions resulting in scrapes and bruises of all kinds. But even that has not stopped this guy from going up and up. Now that he is bigger he looks for bigger conquests. Chairs and cabinets are so for little kids, this big guy is on to better things. I think I can see rock wall climbing in our future!


  1. He sounds so much like Nathan, my climber. Before he could walk, we found him in the center of the kitchen table. And now he tests out every tree to see how climbable it is. He is my little monkey. I find him on top of playground equipment (where you are not supposed to be). And I too have visions of him becoming a rock climber, much to my dismay.



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