Lasts and Firsts

Matt and I had a realization on Friday night...this is our last weekend ever as just the three of us. No, we aren't having a baby this week...let me explain. Next weekend, Matt has to work, then after that my family will be here to begin the "wait for baby" visit. This weekend is the last we will have as just us and that created a whole array of different feelings. It made me want to organize all the baby clothes, spend every second with Harrison, run out to the store with the ease of just one child, dream about Jefferson being here, get scared about the changes, get excited about the changes, hold onto the present, and look forward to the future all at the same time.
Is it weird for me to not want to let go of this time with just Harrison and at the same so excitedly look forward to having both my boys? If we have learned anything with these "lasts" before new "firsts" begin, it is to cherish and savor every moment...they go fast.


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