A Picture Lesson - Learn from My Mistakes

This looks like just a t-shirt; but it is not. I will keep it forever as a memory; a lesson I learned. I want to tell you, Harrison the story behind this ordinary t-shirt... I worked and saved up to buy this American Eagle t-shirt when I was 16. It was during the time of my life when name brand clothing was a must! This was my first brand named shirt and for very foolish reasons, felt better about myself in it.
Lesson #1- Do not put so much stock in "things"; store up your treasures in Heaven.
Look closely to the left of the 8. There is a microscopic slit. You see, mom was giving my hair a trim during which I was arguing with her, quite disrespectfully. The scissors caught the t-shirt during a snip and my expensive name brand shirt was marred. I just knew my Mom did it on purpose because she was mad at me for being disrespectful. She said it was an accident and she apologized many times, but I did not want to forgive her.
Lesson #2- Don't let your mom do your hair when she's mad at you; No, I'm joking... Never be disrespectful towards your parents.
Lesson #3- Never hold anger in your heart toward someone, forgive.
My Mom could have left it at that- me a brooding teen or she angry with how I had behaved. But she didn't. She took my prized shirt and secretly patched that little slit up. See that little patch? When my patched t-shirt ended back up in my drawers, I was speechless. I knew mom had wordlessly repaired that minor slit even while I punished her with my silent anger. She heaped coals of fire on my head (Proverbs 25:21-22).
Lesson#4- Actions speak louder than words-mom did not argue with a fool (me), she used actions to show a greater love, an act I did not deserve.
Lesson #5 - Coals of fire on your head hurt!
So without any words my mom and this t-shirt taught me some of the greatest lessons I have ever learned. Harrison, I know there will be times in the future when you may not like me or agree with me. You might get frustrated or angry. But learn from my mistakes and you will save yourself so much heartache. I will parent you with wisdom and love and try to live the example my mom showed me. We will learn and grow together. Let's not either one of us forget this perfect patched t-shirt.


  1. I love you! Thank you for the tears then and now! We are both who we are because of what the Lord has done in us! Praise Him! I am proud of you!


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