My New Toy

We were blessed this past week with a new toy! We were given a baby entertainment center! It's got surround sound, plasma wide screen, blue ray, ok not quite, but to Harrison is might as well be the king of all entertainment centers! Look at my new toy? Isn't it the coolest? Let me show you!
There are instructions around here somewhere, but I'm a man- we don't need instructions-we figure things out with our natural problem solving abilities!
So after the initial set up and programing then I just adjust my lazy boy in the central entertainment command center.
Now let me tell you about surround sound! This chair swivels a full 360! That means when I am talking (or yelling) about something it goes all around the room- thus surround sound- for mom and dad at least.
And this cool joy stick over here, well, I'm still figuring it out, but I'm pretty sure with a little work I can get it to override Daddy's Xbox!Now don't tell Mom and Dad all that I've figured out about this entertainment center. They seem very pleased as I chew and play, but they have no idea what this thing can really do!So this whole high tech entertainment center is our little secret!


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