Hello World....

Here I come! I'm four months now and not slowing down! Every day I attack a new challenge and usually conquer it; yep, I'm all man! I have a determination (stubbornness) that won't quit- I have no idea where I got that from! If I can't figure out something within a few minute I get very agitated and start hollering about it- mom and dad are working with me on that one- something they call patience they are trying to teach me about. I like to play with Daddy- he's my buddy. Daddy says we were playing Rambo with my t-shirt rolled up like this on my head! I don't know who that is, but I liked all the sound effects my Daddy can make!
My new accomplishment! I can sit up and play with my toys all by myself! I like my new vantage point! I feel like king of the play mat!
At my check-up last week I weighed 15.5 lbs and was 25 in. long- I've outgrown all my baby infant clothes! Mommy had to pack them all up and gt out my big boy stuff- all the 6-9 month cool clothes! So ready or not world, I'm a baby on a mission and I'm growing fast! I'm Mr. Independent and not easily fooled. I like figuring things out, being very observant, and I'll be all grown up before you know it!


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