And the Parents of the Year Award...

...goes to US! I'm being completely and utterly sarcastic. Why might you ask? We did the first really bad parent thing ever with Harrison! We just got back late last night from visiting family. Not an excuse, but a valid part of this story. We unloaded the car and bathed Harrison. He nursed, but never really settled down before we put him to bed. It wasn't until after he had fallen asleep it hit us... This above pictured event never took place tonight! We had forgotten to feed Harrison his dinner! Oh the guilt that flooded our horrible neglectful minds!
Our poor little guy did not get his dinner! What kind of parents are we? How do you apologize to a five month old? How in the world can you forget to feed you child? No wonder he took forever to nurse! Poor baby!
This morning he made up for it! He ate double what he usually eats at breakfast! Oh Harrison, what are you going to do with us? We really do love you- I promise we have learned our lesson! We will not forget your dinner again! We humbly except this parent of the year award. :/


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