Baby's Day Out

Our wonderful Daddy decided his family needed a little getaway. So we loaded up and escaped to the beach for the day! It was such a neat day! We spent the afternoon at the aquarium and then headed to the beach for a little while. Harrison loved it! He is such a good little guy and went along with all the spontaneity. We wondered what he would think of the aquarium, if he would even care he was there; well, we will let the pictures speak for themselves! (Disclaimer: This not-with-it-mom forgot her camera, so all pictures are courtesy of Matt's cell phone :) Daddy showing Harrison the sharks. Harrison kept talking to them as they swam by.
Let's take home that one Dad!
They don't scare me; I'm a brave boy!
Hi Crush, I'm Harrison! You are neat!
I'm so excited by the turtles, I just had to give Mommy a kiss for bringing me here!
Look Dad, look!
(He would wave his arms and legs like jumping jacks when the fish would swim by!)
Harrison's point-of-view from his stroller
I want to taste them
Daddy explaining to me about all the different fish!
This is the best day Dad! I didn't want to leave! I loved all the fish! Thank you for our family escape day!


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