Harrison's Culinary Experiences

Harrison has been a champ when it comes to food. He has not had many foods that he turns down. He is all boy and loves to eat. Here are the many faces of Harrison as he experiences new foods! Once upon a time there was cereal -boring, plain, easy first food...
Then there came new exciting flavors, like...watermelon!

And to provide entertainment to a very grouchy baby ...lemon- and he actually liked it!
oh of course, french fries!!!
He loves prunes...
and sweet potatoes are a favorite!
Bananas were so good he found his thumb!
and this little guy is best friends with his biter cookies!
But peas...no, he is not friends at all with peas!
He loves drinking water in his big boy cup!
And this little man whoofs down the zucchini!
And last but not least his new favorite is kiwi! Yum!
Yep, our little guy has a sophisticated palate and there is yet more to come!


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