Cookies with Cousins

There are just a few things that make Christmastime, well Christmastime.
One of those being cookie baking, decorating, and eating (and yes, all that together constitutes as one thing).
Another one is family. So when you can combine the two, the magical moments of this time of year pile up even more, much like the amount of sprinkles Jefferson has the ability to fit on one cookie.
This year we were blessed to have our cousins living close by. We've never had this special opportunity before so we've tried to pack in some great memories.
And since sugar bonds all ages together, every one of the cousins jumped in head first, literally, and were soon as icing covered as their cookies.
Giggles and sprinkles filled the house and made for a very sweet afternoon of Christmas time tradition.
And sugar crashes later made for good naptimes so I could mop the sticky memories :)


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