LEGO Theology

I never knew five year old's could stress about the future, but then again, since becoming a parent, I've learned more than all my years of formal education ever taught me.
Harrison and I were riding in the car when he confided his inner turmoil, "Mom, I really don't know what I'm going to do. I want to be so many things when I grown up, and I know for most of the things I want to be I need to make plans for the kind of school or training I need. But I can't do it all and I'm afraid I'll pick the wrong one and not be able to get back to the right one."
"I want to do what God wants me to do, but He hasn't told me what He wants me to do yet." I caught my heart and prayed for wisdom. In my mind he has years ahead to play, grow, and be a kid, but in his five year old world this was catastrophic. He didn't need me to point out the timeline, he needed a compatriot to fight fear head on.
In that quiet car I recited Psalm 119:105 to my furrowed brow boy. "A lamp doesn't give off a light to see the entire route, just enough for the next step. With God's guidance and His Spirit in you, you'll have just what you need for each step." Excitement spread across his little face, "Like LEGO's! If I flipped to the end of the instructions and tried to build from the finished picture I'd mess it all up and miss out on how I even got there!"...
"But when I go page by page I know which blocks I need and how they fit together! That's just like God! He will give me the blocks I need for each day to build my life! I won't be overwhelmed by the finished project just taking one page of instructions at a time!" 
And just like that the worry and fear melted from his face replaced with peace and contentment. He was done and moved on but I was left pondering deep in my heart the words of wisdom my little boy spoke into me without knowing. 
I was full of wonder at the lesson I just learned from my five year old and with awe at our God who spoke to a boy through LEGO's.


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