Take the Mess Indoors

There's not much more my boys love other than food.
So when I gave them the supplies and my full blessing to turn food into playtime they were head over heels.
And honestly, I find it kinda fun myself playing around with food and making messes.
So it's a good thing we get along, and it's a good thing my boys argue over who gets to help vacuum it up each time.
And with the weather getting unfriendly towards our outdoor quests, it's time we find some indoor energy outlets.
You know, ones that won't result in broken bones or messes that create lasting damage. I'm all for fun, just not too much into calamity.
And so I'll rack up some mom points as cereal is crushed by a plastic steamroller and dumped out the back of a truck onto the living room floor.
And then we'll get out the vacuum and plan the next crazy adventure of the day. Because this is how memories are made.


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