7 Month Wils

My Handsome Wils, You are officially 7 months old as of last week and I totally missed that actual day. They tell me this is typical with having three little guys and lots of details to keep up with, but please know, even though I missed that date, not a day goes by I don't soak you up.
You are the happiest boy in the whole world and bring the brightest moments to anyone's day. You are not stingy in passing out your heart melting smiles and laughter. You're energized by attention and saturate with affection anyone willing to spend time with you.
You are now in 12-18 month clothing, size 4 diapers, size 3 shoes, and size large stomach capacity. Your appetite knows no bounds, well at least for your favorite foods. You seem to fill up pretty quick with peas and green beans, but I have yet to find a limit on o's, veggie straws, and fruit.
You can roll in any and every direction, you can reach and grab, and pull, and chew on any desired object, and if you are really motivated, you can get yourself to your desired object of choice. But as for crawling, you are perfectly content to chill out in the floor and watch the entertainment your big brothers provide you with their antics.
You are babbling, but not saying many words yet. You are into growling but you do it with the happiest face and make us all crack up with your attempt at communicating. You are signing "all done" and "more please" pretty well now and that's helped the communication barrier. You love bath time, sippy cups, matchbox cars, and your blue blanket.
Wils, you are precious beyond belief. You are a sweet blessing to this family and we are enthralled with you little man. You have bonded with your big brothers and they love earning your laughter and kisses. We are already so proud of you and can't wait to see how God uses the character we already see emerging. I love you Wils!


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