Rewards Based System

Bribery isn't the best parenting technique, but it sure is tempting.
Going to our church's fall festival with my three wild men really didn't help the argument against an all rewards based system.
My opinionated men were willing to do anything for a plastic wrapped bar of sugar, and I mean anything.
They literally jumped through hoops...
...flung rubber chickens....
...threw rolls of toilet paper into a toilet...
...and made themselves dizzy blowing pirate ships down a table, all for the bite sized reward.
But then again, maybe the games themselves were just as alluring as the treat handed out when accomplished.
And since that's the case I'm looking into rubber chickens, how to make your own slime balls, and rubber mallets for smashing golf tees into pumpkins.
Because I'd be taking the rewards based parenting to a whole new level when I say, "Boys, clean your LEGO's up and you can throw some toilet paper rolls in the potty!" There may never be any hesitation to obey first time again:)


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