Seasons to Remember

As fast as the new leaves grow, green, turn red, then brown, then fall...
...these babies cry, grow, walk, then run on their own.
And just as fast, I'm capturing every moment in my heart to treasure forever.
Just like the golden twilight of fall, these days are fleeting and precious beyond words.
So not an opportunity is wasted to secure moments we will cherish forever.
That means, raking the yard might never get finished because there is a pile of crunchiness just begging to be jumped in.
And the pile will soon blow away, scattered in the winter winds and the moment lost if not taken advantage of this second.
I'm not about to let next Spring roll around and have my boys 4 inches taller and 4 months more mature without living everyday to the fullest.
No matter how many times I swallow down the words, "We need to hurry,...we're running late,...faster," because that just fast-forwards what hindsight proves are the opportunities for the best moments.
Fall around here is admittedly not a favorite, neither is winter for that matter, but we won't  be wishing it away either...quite the opposite.
We'll be hanging onto every moment, capturing these fleeting days, and throwing several more fistfuls of leaves :)


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