Happy Birthday Megan: A 30 for 30 Original


I have not always known you.

(Like when you looked like this.)

I have only been with you for about a third of your life (maybe known you for almost half), and the boys for much less than that, but you have meant a lifetime to us.  Here are just a few of the little things you are and do that we are thankful for you about.

(Disclaimer: The fact that there are 30 items in this list should not be read into and any perceived coloration to the years of your life is purely coincidental.)
  1. That you give me food – H & J
  2. That you sing with me – J
  3. That you swing with me – H
  4. That you work so hard to take care of the home all day long, 24 hours a day, 365.25 days a year - M
  5. That you take care of me – H
  6. That you fix me honey tea when I’m sick - M
  7. That you give me my airplane and blue blanket – J & H
  8. That you fix my favorite foods all year round
  9. That you watch TV/movies with me – J
  10. That you love me and you like me - M
  11. That you give me bandanas when I’m sick – H
  12. That you that you listen to my long, complicated, boring, lawyer stories - M
  13. That you fix me water – J
  14. That you fix my Lego/Transformer at the drop of a hat when you are trying to do something else – H
  15. That you read me books (over and over and over) – J
  16. That you support my dreams – M
  17. That you like when I give you flowers – J
  18. That you are the most B-E-A-Utiful woman in the world – M
  19. That you play Legos with me – H
  20. That you have an exuberant, glass-half-full, glow that you infuse all of us around you with – M
  21. That you hold me and hold my hand – J
  22. That you keep my clothes cleaned and pressed – M
  23. That you hold me or let me ride in the cart when my feet hurt – H
  24. That you watch sports with me – M
  25. That you take time to just sit with me – H
  26. That you tell me stories (over and over and over) – J
  27. That you make cookies with me – J & H
  28. That you have put up with me for 10 years and are willing to do so ad infinitum – M
  29. That you meet every need I could ever have – W (if he could talk)
  30. That you unconditionally love us all and pour every ounce of your being into each of us.



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BEAUTIFUL SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from the bean!!:)


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