Motor Skillz

Ask any boy mom and she would probably tell you the same...boys are born with incredibly refined gross motor skills.
 These manly bundles can peg a ball at your head rendering one unconscious by 9 months old; ok, slight exaggeration, but you get my point.
 Wrestling, throwing, problem. Handwriting, scissors, and coloring in the lines...not so much.
 And while I am not one to force the coloring inside the lines, possessing the skills to write legibly usually comes into importance later in life.
 So fine motor skills need some help in my testosterone bundles and food is one way to get some willing participants.
 Cheerios come in handy for so many purposes but in addition to snack and play, the little o's serve to grow hand-eye coordination, patience, and keep little brothers busy during big brother's math lesson.
 In fact, Harrison usually flies through his lesson just so he can participate in stringing his own cheerio rope as soon as possible and I'm more than ok to see his fine motor skills refined.
Because the calm of stringing cereal only lasts maybe 10 minutes before their impeccable gross motor skills take over and the edible work become sling shots and projectiles are launched all over the kitchen:)


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