Harrison: Dad, you are the coolest Dad in the whole world! 
Matt: Thanks Bud! In about 10 years, can you remind me of that?
Harrison: Sure!
Matt: That way I'll have a 14 year old saying I'm the coolest Dad in the whole world!
Harrison: Yep, I sure will! I promise!
Harrison: Dad, in 90 years how old will you be?
Matt: I won't be alive in 90 years Bud.
Harrison: How about 30 years?
Matt: Sure, in 30 years...what do you want me to do in 30 years?
Harrison: Can you remind me I'm the bravest?
Matt: You got it Bud. In 30 years you are going to be young in your career, a potential young husband and father, and not feeling very brave. But I want you to know that I will mean it just the same in 30 years as I do right now, you are the bravest. 
Harrison: Thanks Dad. I love you!
Matt: I love you too Harrison.


  1. So sweet! Those moments and conversations will be memories for life!!


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