Not Our Home

The cry of our heart from the moment we knew of each of our boys' existence was to pray for their salvation and daily place them in God's hands as Lord of their lives.
We know this will be a personal decision they each will come face to face with one day- to receive God's gift of salvation and forgiveness of their sins and live to glorify Him, or not. With the darkness in this world we cover them daily in prayer staying on our knees fighting for their souls.
When I was a little girl on the verge of accepting Christ as my Savior I asked many of the same questions Harrison is beginning to ask, but unfortunately this world has become a much heavier place in the decades since I gave my life to Christ.
Along with the cute questions of, "How does God get into my heart? Can He fit?" I hear my boys' now voicing questions about the seriousness of giving ones life to Christ I never contemplated at their age.
With their Daddy fighting hard to free a man halfway across the World, being daily tortured because of his faith in God, Harrison has pieced together that asking Christ into your heart isn't just a pass to Heaven and continue living the way you want.
His little heart is mature years ahead of mine at his age as he ponders his own decision of personal salvation. "When I ask Jesus into my heart my life isn't mine anymore. And if I have to go to jail because I love Him then He is still in charge." But what makes this Momma's heart swell is that this realization doesn't frighten him, if anything it has made him more bold as I see him growing closer to giving his life to Christ.
Our World is a scary place right now and becoming an increasingly dark place for those who profess a faith in Christ. I pray my boys never have to face punishment, imprisonment, or death for their faith, but I am learning from my little boy's boldness in Christ as he reaches for Him regardless of what may come. I pray to posses the same open love and joy to follow God no matter what He may ask of my life, knowing this World is not our home.


  1. Awesome post Meg! From the moment God gives them to us, they are never ours, we are daily giving them back to Him! We too pray daily for their hearts & their baby cousin, baby P's, be tender to the Father. We are proud grandparents!


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