One month ago today I saw Wil's little face for the first time. His precious little squinched up face with chubby cheeks and pouty lips as he protested the bright lights and cold.
Over the past four weeks that little face has already changed so much. That same newborn face has now been beaming with smiles and those pouty lips now call out to us in "coos".
It's the details I want to remember, the ones that change so fast. The tiny rolled ears, the pudgy wrinkled fingers and toes, the round little belly.
One day the fingers will grow long and strong, his hands will callous, his face will mature, and he will become a man just like his big brothers are doing.
And that's why I pull out the camera, write down the little things, and capture the moments so when I'm towered by these three men I'll have the details of their tiny beginnings.
I'll be the sentimental momma tearing up over these little pictures, remembering how fast one month, one year, ten years go by. I'm savoring every minute, every shutter snap, every hand hold, every smile, every day. Happy One Month my precious Wils!


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