Good Things Come In 3's

I heard multiple warnings about going from 2 to 3 kids. "It's a whole new ballgame," I was told, "Your whole life is getting ready to get turned upside will be'll be outnumbered...etc."
I spent the last few months preparing for battle, Armageddon, a stock market crash, or at least an electronics store level of chaos on Black Friday.
But since this handsome guy joined our family life has been so much more organized, full, and complete. Life didn't come to any crazy halt or explosion when Wilson arrived, it just became richer.
Our laid back third man is content to keep the pace of his adventurous brothers and is happy to ride along in the sling on our daily explorations.
I'm not naive enough to think there won't be bad days, stressful moments, or chaotic situations- we've had some-but 3 kids has been so much smoother than 2.
Going from 1 to 2 I had guilt and felt torn and spread thin between the different needs of each of my boys. But now I see the friendship between Harrison and Jefferson and their protection over their new little man. I've grown as a mom too and find more joy than stress during the crazy moments knowing these will pass way too swiftly. Three times the crazy factor has been three times as blessed in this house of men.


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