Mother's Day x3

Started Mother's Day off with a 3am feeding full of cuddles, coos, and several of his first little smiles. 
 Got breakfast in bed - Jefferson bought me his left over poptart while I was feeding Wils. 
My little men brought me flowers, fresh picked dandelions, they insisted I tuck in my hair, which I did proudly.
Went to my Panera, my favorite, for lunch. Only spilled one drink, had one melt down, one lost food item on the floor, and Harrison only introduced himself to one elderly lady and engaged her in a discussion about pirates and Iron Man...she was a great sport. 
Got home and only had to mop the floor once when Jefferson decided to "help" clean the floors himself with his drink cup.
Got to watch 30 minutes of a movie of my choice before homemade chocolate chip cookies were requested by my little men. 
Got 5 perfect construction paper cards covered in colored lines, squiggles, and doodles lovingly drawn by the men in my life. 
Got too many hugs to count, 1000 "I love you's" even more "thanks for being my mom's", and I can't begin to count the blessings I have just from being a mom.


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