What Happens to Bad Dream Around Here

We woke up to our brave faced three year old standing by our bed. "I had a bad dream," he announced. "Oh Buddy, we are so sorry. Do you want to tell us about it?"
"I don't think you want to hear this, but ok, here it goes...Me and Daddy were at Kroger and a huge, giant penguin came out and started shooting tons and tons of water out of his mouth!"
"That mean, bad guy penguin filled the whole store with water and everybody was killed!" But before we could offer hugs, comfort, or prayers, Harrison continued...
"But you know what I did? I just told that bad dream it had to go away and I gave it to Jesus because He is so powerful! And do you know what Jesus did with it? He took and threw it away in the trash can and it's gone forever!"
"Then I just prayed for my blessings and I went back to sleep." And that's what happens to bad dreams in this house! So proud of our little prayer warrior and his growing dependence on his Heavenly Father to protect him and bring peace.


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